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“Shak tutored my son with Grade 12 calculus. Although, he was only able to do so for a short period of time, before the pandemic started, my son found it very useful. After just one session, he was able to complete the homework, so much quicker and actually understood what he had to do. Shak was always friendly, on time and stayed on task. We will definitely hire Shak again, if the need arises and I would definitely recommend him."

10 April 2020
5 star rating

“Shak is an exellent tutor! He is conscientious, intelligent, and empathetic. I was seeking a Data Management tutor and was extremely lucky to have found his expertise. I highly recommend his services."

10 December 2019
5 star rating

“DELIGHTED!! I can’t say enough about Shak! I hired him help my daughter with Grade 11 Functions and Relations. With limited time before her final exam, he went back to the basics to ensure she had a solid foundation to build on. He was calm and patient yet demanding enough to make her understand the importance repetitive practice. She went into her final feeling confident. Shak is extremely intelligent. He was punctual and always available. I would recommend him without hesitation!"

Cindy Comitos
15 November 2019
5 star rating

“Both my daughter and son had Shak as a tutor to help them be successful through grade 11 University Math, grade 12 Calculus and grade 12 Data Management. Shak was always professional, on time and easy to schedule with. He was very patient reteaching concepts and developed a rapport that allowed them to feel comfortable asking questions. Shak is highly competent in all areas of math, current in his knowledge of the curriculum, and I would strongly recommend him to any family who needs support from a tutor."

Margaret Melchiorre
26 October 2019
5 star rating

“My son Kyle has many learning issues. He has ADHD as well as many other learning challenges. We hired Shak at the end of the first semester to tutor our son in science. Kyle was having a hard time with a teacher’s accent and found it very challenging to learn the materials that were being taught in class. His mark was very low and we were concerned that he was going to fail the course. Shak stepped in only weeks before the course ended and Kyle’s grad was salvaged.

We retained Shak for second semester for Grade 10 math. Kyle spent 1 ½ hours per week tutoring Kyle. He was extremely patient. He brought Kyle’s attention to his work, which is very difficult. He held Kyle to a high standard. Kyle’s math teacher told us that Kyle’s detail in his answers was better organized than what he had even taught his students. Kyle finished with an 87%, an outstanding mark for him. I found Shak very professional. He was always exactly on time. He kept Kyle on task for the entire 1 ½ hours every week. He is polite and a great role model for a young student.”
Janet Francis
25 January 2016
5 star rating

“In the spring of 2013 we were looking for support for my son in order to help in grade 11 and for future years of studies. We are extremely pleased with Shak as he is a great tutor and he is extremely knowledgeable in many subjects . He has help my son to improve his marks and to understand the contents of courses such as Math, Chemistry & Physics, and to prepare for exams & studies. He has offered great support & guidance and he is very flexible for scheduling time for tutoring and he is always available if needed. We have great trust and confidence in him and we would like to recommend Shak to anyone in need of a great tutor.“
Johanne Ciufo & son Anthony
31 March 2015
5 star rating

I knew, going into first year university, that concepts learned in math were going to be difficult. However, having Shak as a tutor made things clearer. Rather than just showing me how to do a problem step by step, he first encouraged me to really think about what a question was asking, consider material I had learned in class that could help me solve it, and apply those techniques. This helped me see links between concepts and better my understanding. Also, this type of critical thinking is crucial, since university professors tend to introduce questions on tests that they haven’t covered formally in class to make students apply their knowledge. I thank Shak for helping me develop this skill, and through his help, my marks in math improved a lot. Shak moves along to your pace of learning, always ensuring you understand one concept before moving to another. He always prepares for the tutoring session ahead of time by requesting to look over your prof’s notes so he can familiarize himself with the material and be more efficient during your session. He even takes time outside of tutoring to help answer any math questions and gives detailed explanations. Overall, he’s a tutor that never disappoints!
04 December 2013
5 star rating

"Being in Grade 12, it was important for my son to maintain a good average in order to be accepted into the university programs for which he applied for. He lost some confidence early in the year in Chemistry and Math but having Shak tutor him was extremely helpful. The tutoring gave my son more confidence throughout the semester especially heading into exams. Shak was patient and provided me an update of my son's progress letting me know as well how I can help in the process. He was flexible with his schedule making time for my son just before the exams. The service that my son has received from Shak has not only improved my son's self esteem but it has also improved his grades. I appreciate the personalized care and attention.

My son will continue with Shak next semester providing tutoring for Calculus in an effort to continue building my son's knowledge and confidence. I feel that he will be better prepared for the challenges he will face in university and with improved marks, my son will have more options when it comes to choosing the right program and university for him."
Roberto Ramirez
23 November 2012
5 star rating

We were looking for a personal tutor for our son who was interested in sitting for a Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) for University of Oxford. Our high school students from the public education system are not academically on par with international students competing on a global level.
I was (like every other parent) looking for someone who could provide both - dedication and focus tutoring a student who was way behind the bandwagon. I was also looking for someone who was sincere and professional for the love of it rather than just for the pay offs.
In terms of academic qualifications, Shak had what our son needed in order to succeed at the test. Fortunately, we also discovered that Shak was also a very dedicated and sincere teacher who understood the psyche of his student and tailored his teaching techniques to his student. He also provided regular updates on our sons progress so that we were always on top of things even if our son did not keep us posted!
Even if my son were not to succeed in his attempt at Oxford, I am still happy to have had Shak interact with our son and expose him to the world of Physics and Math. You know your child has a dedicated and successful tutor when he does not wish to miss any of this scheduled one-on-ones!
Thank you Shak." - Sarita Kaunds
30 May 2011
5 star rating

"Shak started working with my son Thomas in July 2011. Thomas responds very favourably to Shak's teaching style and we have seen a significant improvement in his grades as they continue to work together. We would highly recommend Shak to anyone who has a student that needs to improve their grades."
Deborah Hall
16 April 2011
5 star rating

"Shak has been a great help to me for the past two years; he has helped me in various academic areas such as Physics and 12th grade Calculus. He works very hard to help his students grasp the key concepts of whatever they may be working on. Shak offers his time and is always available for one-on-one sessions which I find the most helpful. I am extremely grateful to have him as a tutor and I plan to continue working with him in the future."
Chioma Olisemeka
02 April 2011
5 star rating

"I met Shak back in second year of University in a Differential Equations class. He was very knowledgeable in terms of the material taught in class and he was always able to answer my questions when I got stuck. His personality made it very easy to approach him and he was always one step ahead by having a very clear mind as to what he is doing. Shak is also enthusiastic and very positive and provides a very comfortable yet efficient environment for learning!"
Chow Sze Lok
15 October 2010
5 star rating

"I was a classmate with Shak in Quantum Mechanics, Condensed Matter and Complex Analysis courses. We work on assignments and I miss him because I can't find anyone who can rigorously approach problems, extract necessary information and derive beautiful results. I got more amazed by his problem solving skills as I take more advanced physics courses. No one can solve as simple as he can. You will suspect his results but soon will realize his approach is indeed the most beautiful and simplest.”
Chulho Hyun
17 september 2010
5 star rating