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High School Tutoring Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton

Grade 9 - Math, Science
Grade 10 - Math, Science (Physics, Chemistry)

The beginning of high school can seem a bit intimidating for some students. Especially those entering grade nine, one might feel the pressure of a larger school, older students and of course new people.

Mathematics in grade 9 & 10 exposes the student to basic algebra, geometry, basic functions and abstract reasoning. These concepts are fundamental and serve as the building blocks for grade 11 & 12. Mathematics is a language and if the foundation of the student is weak then problems arise later on while taking higher level mathematics courses. Science in grades 9 & 10 gives the student an overall exposure to physics, chemistry, biology without focusing on the detail of fundamental ideas. If the student is not comfortable with the content in grades 9 & 10 then problems arise once they are forced to choose specific science courses in grade 11 & 12. Our tutors have experience teaching these subjects and fully understand the pressures and stresses of these demanding courses, which will further prepare them for the difficulties they will face in university. We understand what the important points are and will ensure our students are well equipped to move forward and learn how to tackle problems by themselves.

Being able to reason and think logically is a skill that can only be refined through proper guidance and care. At Tutor Me Now we focus on the basics to help the student understand and think for themselves. In addition to being intellectually independent we focus on applying those skills. Theory without application is mere intellectual play. It is important to learn how to apply one's self once a concept has been understood and mastered. In math or science it is important to be able to take two well understood concepts, blend them together and come to a conclusion or consensus. This type of thinking is not rigorously taught in high school. Our tutors help bridge that gap and ensure that the student will be able to think outside the box and be better equipped to tackle the next year with more confidence and ability.