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Advanced High School Tutoring Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton

Grade 11 - Math, Physics, Chemistry
Grade 12 - Discrete Math (Algebra), Calculus, Physics, Chemistry

Grade 11 is where the real preparation starts for college and university. The student is exposed to more specific math and science courses. In grade 11 the sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology become independent courses and are taught in more detail. The mathematical understanding from grades 9 & 10 will be showcased in the grade 11 physics course. If the student can connect a mathematical concept to a physical concept then their understanding of the material is very high. This is what we strive for at Tutor Me Now. Mathematics is abstract and pure; being able to use the logic of mathematics and connect it with the sciences is essential if the student is to be successful in university or college. The connection of the two begins in grade 11 and should be stressed. In high school, the students aren't forced to connect the dots but at Tutor Me Now we know that it is absolutely crucial that the connection be made. Being able to paint a larger picture with the smaller pieces of information is critical to being a successful chemist, engineer, physicist, mathematician or general scientist.

Grade 12 is the final year of preparation for university. Mathematics courses, such as calculus & vectors, data management and advanced functions lay a foundation of how to think logically. Connecting those ideas with grade 12 physics and chemistry enable the student to tackle problems and understand what they might actually like doing in the future. Once our students connect and understand the way science and math work they are more equipped to make better decisions regarding their future. At Tutor Me Now we provide advice as to what kind of university programs one could apply to. Again, this only comes once the student is comfortable with how to think, how to apply and why things are the way they are. The bigger picture is important to us. At Tutor Me Now we want to create leaders of tomorrow who are well informed of the natural world they are living in.