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Shak Unvalla

My name is Shak Unvalla and am the founder of Tutor Me Now. I have been tutoring students since 2004. I started to tutor my class mates while I was in high school and since have continued because I realized I have a passion for teaching. I come from a family of teachers so I'm guessing that's where the passion comes from.

I am a graduate from the University of Waterloo and have a Bachelor of Science degree. During my time in university I continued to teach high school students and on occasion tutored university students as well. In addition to tutoring students, I also worked at Essel Learning Centre for Gifted Students where I have taught Advanced Physics and Advanced Chemistry. I have taught a wide range of students from the intellectually inclined to the diversely troubled ones and all these students have been successful following my tutoring. Rather than an authoritative figure that demands a student do something they do not like, I take on the roles of inspiration and intrigue to develop self-motivation from within my students.

I have a well-rounded background in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics - more specifically Algebra, Calculus & Complex Analysis. However, after years of tutoring I have decided to focus in on the most challenging of subjects for students which is Mathematics. Since having a strong mathematics foundation at the high school level is a strong indicator of success in other technically minded subjects, I felt it best to focus on one area to ensure a strong understanding is built from the ground up for the student.

Our Students

High School – All grades 9, 10, 11 & 12 for Math.