Knowledge starts
from the will
to learn.

We are a new breed
of tutor.

Tutoring the way
it's supposed
to be done.

Building successful
leaders of tomorrow.

Math, Physics & Chemistry Tutor in Mississauga
& West Toronto

If you are a student looking for some help or a parent looking for a tutor in Mississauga, Brampton or Oakville for their child then you have come to the right place!

We are living in times where competition between students is fierce and it is important that no one gets left behind. Math and Science are the most intimidating subjects to most students but they don't have to be. My team and I are a group of experienced tutors that are motivated, caring and well versed in the language of mathematics and science. Tutor Me Now offers help and guidance for all grades of high school in the science and math subjects, more specifically physics, chemistry, calculus, advanced functions and data management. We provide the service in a comfortable one on one setting at your home.

At Tutor Me Now we strive to give our students a fundamental and basic understanding of concepts, instead of blindly memorizing formulas or ideas. Rather than a monkey see monkey do form of teaching we work to teach and instill critical thinking and the application of knowledge. It is imperative that the students learn how to be independent thinkers, given the amount of information freely available on the internet. It is essential to learn how to filter out the correct information, as well as learning how to utilize information appropriately. At Tutor Me Now we work one on one with your child to help provide them with the building blocks needed to become successful in high school and carry it on to university.

Science and Math are languages that we can learn to speak fluently. We are a new breed of tutors that have grown up using technology to achieve success and thus learning how to communicate technical ideas that could be challenging to others.

Knowledge can only be spread to where it is welcomed. So if you are keen to learn and become the best you can be then it is about time we meet and let the knowledge flow!